With so much commentary in the press highlighting potential ‘climate chaos’ and the environment lobby urging government, businesses and individuals to reduce our emissions, there’s an emerging buzzword in agriculture, ‘Carbon Farming’.

Carbon Farming is the process of capturing airborne carbon in the soil, and storing more carbon in agricultural land.   This kind of Agro forestry not only pulls carbon from the air, but provides a cash crop from the timber.                                  

With this in mind, eco conscious buyers might find the prospect of a 25 acre wood on the market an intriguing prospect.

The wood, located just outside Armagh, has just come to the market and includes a former dwelling, with yard. The woodland houses native species was planted under a Woodland Grant Scheme between 25-30 years ago.

The purchase of a wood presents a unique opportunity for those who seek to improve their carbon footprint or develop Agro Forestry aspect to their business. For more information visit our website listing http://www.bestpropertyservices.com/land-and-sites

or tel Best Property Services, Newry, tel 028 3025  6811.